X-Ray and Fluoroscopy

At our center we take a radiograph using the latest and most advanced Digital X-Ray technique also called Computed Radiography (CR). The X-ray images thus obtained are processed and diagnosed on special computers.

Our digital X-ray provides very detailed information which is almost difficult to visualize in other routine X-ray techniques. After processing, the photographic record is produced on a special type imaging system using LASER film.

Screening or 'fluoroscopic screening' enables radiologists to visualize X-ray images in real time on a television monitor. This technique is used to perform a variety of X-ray procedures. In most instances this would involve the administration of some form of 'contrast' agent to outline the region of interest. Barium contrast is used to coat the gastrointestinal tract and may be swallowed in a barium meal or introduced via the rectum in a barium enema. Intravenous contrast is used to define the veins in a venogram or to outline an abscess cavity in a sinogram.


Our services include state-of-the-art diagnostic testing using leading imaging technology...

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